Custom Wine Glass Engraving

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE anything wine related!   Our kitchen is decorated with a wine theme.  When we remodeled, a wine fridge was a “must have”.  I’ve already addressed envelopes for 5 couples being married at a vineyard this year!  This trend makes me happy!!!!!  I even named some of my favorite calligraphy styles after different types of wine, so you can imagine how thrilled I am when I’m asked to do custom wine glass engraving for special events.

This morning started out not with wine, but a martini : )  A super rush job sent over from a department store.  Customer wanted a  martini glass engraved with a message for a 50th birthday.  Only problem?  Customer needed the glass today. A quick call to the courier and the glass was on my table ready to be engraved and sent back ASAP.    LOVE how the Baccarat crystal engraved.  Just like cutting in to butter.  So smooth and so deep. A keepsake for sure!

IMG_2894-965x1024 IMG_2895-1024x989 IMG_2897-1024x894

Next on the table was a custom wine glass engraving order for Dani and Daton who are getting married at a vineyard next week.  Each guest’s name was engraved on a large red wine glass with grape clusters surrounding the name and a date on the back.  I think it makes a pretty cool party favor.  One I’m sure the guests will use long after the wedding!

IMG_2899-1024x601 IMG_2900-1024x654

The morning ended with another custom wine glass engraving. 50 glasses/Clients business name/date to be given to each person attending the wine tasting.


While all these jobs were done in studio, it’s even more fun to do on-site engraving.   The pictures below show engraving at a vendor appreciation party and engraving during a wedding reception. Elle Ellinghaus and her amazing event team hired myself, a caricature artist and a photo booth  to entertain guests while the band played and the dancing continued well in to the night.   It was fun for the guests, but probably much more fun for me : ))) A great night out of the studio surrounded by wedding guests and the bridal couple!  Fun? YES!

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