Category: Calligraphy

In the Write Place

Today, I’m in a very good place.  The right place. The place I was meant to be.  Working side by side with the man I adore.  Calligraphy brought us together, and calligraphy keeps us together.  Our new website is a reflection of our common… Read more »

Writing on a Mirror- A How-To Tutorial

Just wanted to take a moment to share some tips for calligraphy on mirrors! It’s one of our most requested items.  Throughout the year I’ve been asked by many calligraphers and DIY Brides how I keep my lines straight and do the basic layout… Read more »

And then there were TWO!

Rick recently retired from the White House after 35 years of working in the calligraphy office. He is excited to join me as we strive to share our love for lettering to an even bigger audience in the New Year. Rick is a Master… Read more »