And then there were TWO!

Rick recently retired from the White House after 35 years of working in the calligraphy office. He is excited to join me as we strive to share our love for lettering to an even bigger audience in the New Year. Rick is a Master Penman and an expert with Protocol and Etiquette questions that frequently arise in the DC area. While I prefer to address envelopes and design wedding invitations, Rick will be handling the corporate events, certificate work and other one-of-a kind jobs that come our way. As we look forward to opening our Etsy shop in the near future, he will play a critical role in development and computer layout of our new product line. You can expect to see invitations, save the dates, menus, programs and seating charts using a combination of my calligraphy and Rick’s amazing computer design and illustration skills as we move forward.



Few things in life are exciting as spending each day with the ones you adore. And when you get to spend those days doing exactly what you both love to do…well that’s about as good as it gets. To quote one of Rick’s favorite sayings, “we’re living the dream!”

Here’s a peek at some of Rick’s work “post White House”.   This collaboration was with Marine Lane.  Last year I had a chance to work with owner, Meghan, on the calligraphy for her wedding invites and this year Rick worked with her to provide the lettering for this amazing invitation and stationery for the Mercedes S-Class event.


Here is a little more from Marine Lane’s blog talking about the Mercedes S-Class Event

Marine Lane was committed to designing the ultimate keepsake for A-list/top-tier US media, who receive dozens of invitations and gifts daily. The purpose was to invite top press to the launch of the Mercedes S-Class at a special resort location in Rhode Island.

Invitations consisted of silver foil stamped boxes tied with matching ribbon, personalized invitation letters individually penned by a former White House calligrapher and a special piece of art. Box contents revealed a watercolor painted by Paris-based Dominique Corbasson (40 pieces, signed, numbered) depicting the event’s Newport location and stunning S-class exterior, creating a “you want to be here” feeling.

Press feedback included: “the most incredible invitation I have ever seen in my life” and “Fanciest invite to a press preview…ever received.”

When guest’s arrived to their hotel room, they were greeted with custom stationery that matched the invitation. Each guest also received a personalized 100% cashmere throw created in collaboration with Jennifer Dule Couture.

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Love you  baby!  So proud of you and thrilled to welcome you to JWS!